Testing & Prices

Who can be tested?

Adults and Children – (from the ages of 5 upwards)

If anyone has a pacemaker fitted, are pregnant or suffers from Epilepsy, unfortunately they cannot be treated.

What is the procedure of the test?

The machine is designed to measure the body’s resistance to a certain type of food, the client would hold a metal cylinder in one hand, whilst another probe is pushed against an acupressure point in the other hand, food substances are then placed, one at a time into a circuit tray to observe any abnormalities in the readings, no blood is taken, no skin pricking is carried out, the testing is not painful, non-invasive and its comfortable.

The original concept behind the machine used to complete the test was developed in Germany and has been used for the past few years by doctors and natural healthcare practitioners. The machine is capable of measuring changes in the body’s resistance, which will help pinpoint potentially harmful foods.  This form of testing is complementary and is known as BER Bioenergetics Resonance Medicine.  The machine has an accuracy rate of 80% and gives immediate results.  I will be able to interpret these results and pinpoint potential problem foods and advise accordingly.

I will test over 120 foods, which will include vitamins and minerals.

The result of this test will highlight potential foods that will need to be eliminated from your diet for 1-3 months to see if they are a problem, you can then re introduce the offending food and see if there is a reaction, this is known as the elimination diet. 

Clients will leave with health and wellbeing advice and a full analysis report.

Prices & Duration?

Food Intolerance Testing – £95 – Approximately 1 Hour 15 minutes

Retesting for long-term conditions – £45 – Approximately 30 minutes

Booking terms and conditions

A non refundable booking fee of £20 is required to secure any appointment. 

Please allow 48 hours notice to change any appointment, failing this, the fee would be lost.