Since undertaking my own healing work through alternative and complementary therapies, I am now qualified to help others who wish to find help in restoring their own health. I offer Food Intolerance Tests, Nutritional/Gut health advice, Selfcare and Reiki.

My Qualifications

* Food Intolerance Testing, DIP-AIT (Diploma In Allergy Intolerance Therapy) * Testing Operations Procedure, Nutritional/Intolerance Counselling Clinical Practice * Gut Health and Gut Microbiome* Reiki Level I * Reiki Level II * Diploma Wellbeing Life Coaching * Diploma Teachers Meditation *Diploma Indian Head Massage *

Reiki promotes harmony and balance bringing a better mindset, greater wellbeing, and joy into your life, I have gained over 10 years experience and through Reiki it has helped me live a more empowered life, full of compassion and empathy.

I will continue to study nutrition and its benefits, I am a great believer that all treatments offered can positively affect one’s physical and emotional well-being.

I’m very passionate about helping people to transform and take control of their own health.

My hobbies when I am not working are travelling in the campervan, spending time outside in nature, dog walking, photography, pilates, kayaking as well as reading and cooking up new recipes.

I manage my business around my nearest and dearest and have a good happy, work/life balance.


“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are”

What my clients say:

“I found the Reiki to be tranquil, I felt like I was floating in the sea completely submerged with only my face above water, this treatment was so very relaxing, thank you”


“I’ve been having Reiki with Alex for 4 weeks and have felt much stronger, more positive enabling me to move forward with my life after some emotional challenges I have had to face. I was amazed at the feeling of energy moving around different area’s of my body. Alex is a very welcoming, positive lady who instils confidence. I would recommend her to anybody”


“I was not sure what to expect for my session with Alex, but this was almost like a massage for the mind. Alex has opened my eyes to the fantastic benefits of Reiki”


“A huge thank you to Alex for my first Reiki session last night, I wasn’t sure what to expect, Alex made me feel very comfortable.  The whole treatment was so calming and relaxing and my body felt so much lighter after shifting the negative energy which clearly has built up in my body. I would highly recommend this for absolutely anyone! I will be back on a regular basis to improve my wellbeing”