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“Hi, I’d been suffering from low self-esteem and anxiety for a few years now. After many months of soul searching, I plucked up the courage to give Alex from Wellbeing With Wisdom a call, I booked 4 sessions (not quite knowing what to expect). Alex put my mind to rest with her caring and professional manner. Once relaxed, I could feel the energy from my body moving and rushing through my body. After only one session I left feeling slightly more confident and less anxious of myself and surroundings. After the original 3 sessions I and the people around me noticed a drastic change in my confidence and my new found slightly more relaxed attitude to life in general. Overwhelmed with the changes with my life, I have booked another few sessions to maintain my health with Alex each time I left I always felt a massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I’m now a lot more confident in all aspects of life (I’ve even taken up a few hobbies joining some groups, (something I wouldn’t of dreamed of 6 months ago.) I’m able to speak freely with others’ joining in their conversations and those silly things that previously scared me, which I’m now able to tackle.

If you are suffering in silence, like I was, I would strongly recommend you contact Alex from Wellbeing With Wisdom, Its surprising how something you may not know a lot about can change your life for the better. She’s a credit and a life saver. Thank you Alex so much.”

L April 5, 2019